About Me

I like to say that I'm a mathematician who pretends to be a physicist sometimes, although I'd never convince the physicists of that.

I'm a universitetslektor at Luleå University of Technology (roughly, UK: Senior Lecturer // US: Associate Professor) working geometric analysis, which is essentially the intersection of PDEs and Riemannian geometry.

Most of my research is motivated by general relativity, where the application of geometric analysis to such problems is often described as the field of mathematical general relativity, or mathematical relativity. I am particularly interested in geometric inequalities for black holes, and the problem of quasi-local mass. Check out my publications for some examples of work on both topics.

It's always great when someone takes an interest in my research, so my emails are always open to any questions, comments, or general discussion about things I'm working on :)

Prior to moving to Luleå, I spent some time working at Uppsala University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, inlcuding some time while I was formally employed by the University of Regensburg (Germany). Although I am originally from Scotland, I moved to Australia when I was a child and completed all my studies there including my PhD at Monash Universty under the supervision of Robert Bartnik. Before moving to Sweden I also held my first academic position in Australia, at the University of New England.

Recent News:

• New preprint on arXiv! A Volume-Renormalized Mass for Asymptotically Hyperbolic Manifolds (with Mattias Dahl and Klaus Kröncke).

• I attended the workshop Einstein Spaces and Special Geometry at the Mittag-Leffler Institute. My talk on our recent preprint can be found on the website.

Find Me Online

You can find me here on Google Scholar or arXiv. You can also follow me on Twitter (@Quasilocal) where I try to post light-hearted mathematics and physics but inevitably get sucked into discussions on current issues.

Email me at stephen dot mccormick at ltu.se.


Below is a list of my publications, which can also be found on Google Scholar.


I will try to maintain this section with only up-to-date teaching information in Luleå.

In period 1 (2023-2024), I am teaching M0047M (Differential calculus).
Current students are directed to the Canvas page.

For prospective research students

I currently do not have any funding available for PhD candidates, however I am happy to give advice to anyone interested in pursuing a PhD in mathematical GR.

Masters programs at LTU can be found here. Although we do not have a specific Master's programme in mathematics, if there is interest then please contact me nevertheless to discuss possibilities.

I may also be able to supervise a PhD project if the candidate is able to secure external funds, or be available as an external co/supervisor for candidates pursuing a PhD elsewhere. Naturally, these situations should be discussed on an individual basis though.


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